Kathy Ireland Is the Richest Supermodel in the World

Kathy Ireland
Photo: Getty Images
Kathy Ireland.

Step aside, Gisele. Though the Brazilian supermodel was named the richest model in the world by the Daily Mail earlier this month, Forbes has revealed that there’s another pretty face whose fortune can blow Bündchen’s out of the water: Kathy Ireland.

The 48-year-old former Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl is worth an estimated $350 million, according to Forbes, compared to Bunchen’s estimated $152.6 million.

Come again? Instead of the lingerie and flip flop lines that Bündchen puts her name on, Ireland’s company, Kathy Ireland Worldwide, licenses everything from ceiling fans to furniture to carpets to mattresses to vinyl and plastic insulated windows. (And we thought the Kardashians were busy.) She started with socks in 1993—which began as an endorsement deal with Gold Toe socks—and has since created a line of fitness videos, published six books, and, most famously, created an apparel line for Kmart.

Forbes estimates that Kathy Ireland Worldwide is worth about $300 million, and she’s not through yet. She’s reportedly planning a line of Kathy Ireland shops in Europe and Asia and has more apparel projects in the works (she cut ties with Kmart in 2003).

Looks like Gisele could take some lessons…