Lauren Scruggs Opens Up 1 Year After Her Plane Propeller Accident

 Lauren Scruggs


It was only one year ago that fashion journalist/blogger, Lauren Scruggs, suffered a plane propeller accident leaving her with severe facial injuries and the loss of her left hand.

But today, Scruggs opens up to The Huffington Post about the accident and what she's learned from the life-changing incident.

In the initial stages of her recovery Scruggs reflects, "I hated the mirror and avoided it as much as I could. A glimpse would only remind me: I'll never be normal again."

But through time and unconditional love and support from family, friends, and fans, Scruggs has a new found understanding of what beauty really means.

"I'm humbled to read and hear people's caring comments and words of encouragement. Though it wasn't through an ideal way, I now know that 'being recognized' is a trait that can be used to serve God in new ways and be a testament of true beauty."

Check out the full article on and be sure to pick up a copy of Scruggs' new book, Still Lolo.