Ginnifer Goodwin Has a Wig Clause

Ginnifer Goodwin haircut
Photo: Getty Images
Ginnifer Goodwin shows off her new 'do.

First came the nudity clause. Now comes the ... wig clause?

Big Love actress Ginnifer Goodwin has admitted to InStyle that she demands the right to wear wigs in all of her contracts, lest she be tied down to an unflattering haircut.

“I now have a wig clause written into every one of my contracts,” says Goodwin, who has a pixie crop off-screen. “Thank goodness I can procure wigs, whether I buy them or the production buys them, I always do wear a wig.

“I find it hard to express myself when I’m growing out a very bad character haircut. As long as I can wear a wig, I can be any character and in real life I can be myself.”

The actress, whose character Margene has a flippy, shoulder-length cut, adds that her recent decision to shave the sides of her 'do for an edgier look required a little persuasion.

“It didn’t take any courage,” she says.  “It purely took getting permission from HBO and the folks behind Big Love. They owned every hair on my head!”

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