Botox Tested to Cure Hay Fever

Photo: Getty Images
Getting botox can combat hay fever.

Combat your wheezing and wrinkles with one little needle?

Studies in recent years have shown Botox's multitude of health benefits beyond the obvious ant-aging, cosmetic purposes.

From combating acne to treating muscle spasms, excess sweating and Ashtma, Botox is now being tested as the latest way to combat hay fever.

Southern Health researchers in Melbourne are conducting a trial of a Botox gel that could relieve hay fever symptoms for up to three months, according to The Australian.

Southern Health's director of Sleep and Respiratory Medicine Philip Bardin said, "We've had very promising results using Botox as a treatment for severe asthmatics, and it is possible this new gel could give hay-fever sufferers relief from symptoms for an extended period of time."

No more uncontrollable sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes, Botox proves once again, a frozen, wrinkle-free existence isn't the only result of going under the needle.