No Surprise Here, Social Media Leads to Beauty Judgment—Online and In Your Career

Photos: Facebook | Pinterest

Social Media Takeover: Facebook (left) and Pinterest (right).

Whether a tool to flaunt your success, style and significant other, or the ultimate trigger of FOMO (fear of missing out), social media has become the way in which we measure our self-worth as compared to our peers and the rest of the world.

Whatever your social media method of choice—LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram—get ready to be judged. A recent HSN study shows that one's physical looks play into their social media status as well as their career success.

According to Business Insider and a new infographic from HSN Beauty, ‘The Secrets Of Beauty Revealed By The Internet,’ reveals statistics on how one's beauty is interpreted by the Internet, highlighting the fixation on beauty that has always been an integral aspect of American culture.


HSN Beauty Infographic.

According to HSN’s study, on Facebook, having physically attractive friends makes you appear more socially attractive, while on LinkedIn, recruiters spent 19 percent of their time on a person's profile looking at the picture as opposed to the other substantial information.

The research concludes that recruiters rejected individuals on the basis of looking too young or too old, being bald, overweight or too beautiful.

There are two factors that determine picture attractiveness: camera quality and time of day, with the Panasonic Micro with an interchangeable lens used at noon coming out on top.

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