Ready for a Fragrance-Centric Reality Show?

Photo: Getty Images

Fragrances are about to make their reality TV debut.

Fashion Star, Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model—when it comes to reality television, fashion is well-trod territory. Even beauty has its small-screen moments (we’re counting Toddlers & Tiaras here—have you ever seen such expertly-applied blush?) But fragrance?

Animal Planet—yes, you read that right—is reportedly searching for a star perfumer for a new fragrance-based reality show, Women’s Wear Daily reports. The network is looking for a star in the industry to follow as he or she searches the world for luxurious scents.

Such a star has proved a bit elusive, though: Erwin Creed of haute brand Creed turned the role down, as did California-based perfumer Mandy Aftel. (Can we nominate Byredo’s Ben Gorham?)

What say you, reality television addicts? Is a fragrance TV show DVR-worthy? Or are you waiting for Smell-O-Vision technology to take hold first?