Nars Opens First Flagship Store

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Photo courtesy of Nars

The sleek Nars flagship boutique in New York City's West Village.

Grab your credit cards—Nars is finally open for business.

Surrounded by models and close friends, founder François Nars cut the ribbon on the beauty brand’s first flagship boutique, located at 413 Bleecker St. in New York City, revealing a modern black-and-white space that should fit right in with neighbors like Marc Jacobs.

“I love Bleecker Street; it’s a cool, fun area with great shopping,” Nars said in a press statement.

“The boutique is very intimate and chic, and the exterior is very ‘old’ West Village, which is nice. The Bleecker Street storefronts are extremely charming.”

Inside, a glossy red-lacquer block—designed to match the label's Jungle Red Lipstick, naturally—adds a burst of color while three screens play a loop of original films and illuminated floor-to-ceiling mirrors offer confirmation that, yes, that Orgasm Multiple really does suit you.

The boutique—which features an exclusive Bento Box and 413 Bleecker Pure Matte Lipstick in celebration of its grand opening—also serves as an inspiration board of sorts for Nars, who has brought along treasures like the classic film Belle de Jour, Guy Bourdin’s art book Exhibit A, and souvenirs from his travels.

There’s just one last detail they’re missing: you!