December, Cosmetic Surgery’s Busiest Time

Photo: Colin Anderson
Ring in the New Year with rhinoplasty? December is busiest month for plastic surgery.

New year, new you?

The Wall Street Journal reports that the final month of the year is the busiest for plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, and doctors who perform weight-loss operations; the month can carry double the workload of other months.

"With surgeons in December, you can have some unhappy wives," said Dr. Franklin Rose, a Houston-based plastic surgeon who said he performed 20 operations a week during December—causing him to miss out on the holiday festivities.

The reason this most wonderful time of the year is the most popular for those choosing surgery? Days off for the holidays can be used for recuperation.

"People like to hide out while they heal," Debra Jaliman, a New York dermatologist, told the WSJ.

So, question is: What did you do on your holiday vacation?

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