Teacher Uses Sharpie Marker on Student’s Hair

A Texas teacher took matters into her hands when disciplining a student who had violated the school's ban on hair designs. Unfortunately, one of those hands was wielding a Sharpie permanent marker.

Sheldon Williams, a student at Marshall Junior High School in Marshall, Texas, says his teacher filled in his hair with the black marker after calling attention to the fact that his shaved design was not in compliance with the school's dress code, KSDK reports.

"I went to class, then a teacher called me out of class," Williams tells the station. "She asked me to step outside, then she said we [are] not supposed to have two parts. We only can have one."

The teacher then used the marker to fill in one of the shaved indentions, prompting outcry from Williams's parents.

"If the parent gives you permission to do such things then it's okay to do that, but to just take the initiative and to say 'I'm just gonna color his hair with a permanent marker,' that was very disrespectful," stepmother Philleniea Williams, says.

The school's principal admits she was told that teachers had handled hair violations that way in the past, but agrees that a parent should have been contacted first. She says that the marker issue will never happen again.

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