One in Three Women Won’t Leave Home Without Makeup, Study Finds

makeup study
Photo: Getty Images
Powder puff girl: Survey says one in three women refuse to go out in public sans makeup.

A new study reveals women’s refusal to, er, reveal all.

According to a survey of British women conducted by QVC, one in three women refuse to leave the house without makeup on, while three in 10 wouldn’t so much as pick the kids up from school without at least a touch of lip gloss, the Daily Mail reports.

Er ... guilty as charged?

The study found that, on average, women think about their appearance nine times a day, with 16 percent saying it’s the first thing on their minds when they wake up, and 30 percent claiming they go to bed fixating on it.

Meanwhile, 23 percent of respondents admitted to touching up makeup after just two or three hours—especially if facing "stressful" situations like a job interview or first date.

But don’t go blaming the guys for our beauty obsession, as more than a third of women said they felt more pressure to look good in front of other women rather than to attract men.

And, apparently, the applicator doesn’t fall far from the tree: One in five women reportedly picked up her beauty habits from Mommy Dearest.

“This research proves what we have always suspected, that women love to look their best,” QVC marketing director Sue Leeson told the British newspaper.

Um, ya think?

Meanwhile, one school district is looking to ban “disruptive” makeup.