Katy Perry’s Alien-Inspired ‘E.T.’ Makeup

Katy Perry alien makeup

Photos: Facebook

Phone home: Katy Perry goes futuristic alien for new "E.T." music video.

She’s never been one to shy away from bold beauty looks, but Katy Perry’s latest face tops any Candy Land-inspired visages of music videos past.

For “E.T.,” Perry’s latest video (which features Kanye West), the singer goes literally extra-terrestrial in deep purple lips, a magenta-framed face, and eerie, ice-blue contact lenses. Bleached brows, graphic eye makeup, and white skin stenciled with pink patterns take Perry out of this world.

“Global abduction begins!” Perry wrote on her Facebook page (where she also links to a YouTube tutorial on how to get the makeup look, should you be so inclined).

The “E.T.” video premieres Thursday, March 31.