Louis Vuitton Fall 2012 Review

Louis Vuitton Fall 2012

Photo: Imaxtree

Louis Vuitton Fall 2012

SHOW: Louis Vuitton (See the full collection.)

HAIR: Guido Palau

MAKE-UP: Pat McGrath

ACCESSORIES: High-crown hats, oversized sunglasses, high platform shoes and a mountain of revamped, fur-smothered, bejeweled Vuitton luggage per look

OVERALL TAKEAWAY: Traveling in style—all aboard the Louis Vuitton express!

In case you haven't heard, Louis Vuitton's relationship with its American creative director Marc Jacobs is about to be explored, in-depth, through an exhibition at Paris' Les Arts Décoratifs simply titled "Louis Vuitton—Marc Jacobs." That could have been the title of his latest Fall 2012 Vuitton show, so entrenched was it in Vuitton history, mythology and iconography—namely, the trunk, and the idea of travel way back when.

The first clue Jacobs was taking us on a whirlwind trip? Well, the trunk key as invite may have been a subtle indication, but when the clock struck ten, a full-sized steam train pulled into the custom-built Louvre venue and began to disgorge sixty or so of the most gorgeous passengers known to man, clad in Jacobs' reclamations of pre-war travel essentials—opera-coats, harem trousers, teetering heels and towering hats. That was proof positive Jacobs eye was back in the golden age of multi-trunk travel when Vuitton made its name.

This was no costume ball, however. It was easy to imagine these Louis Vuitton garments stripped of their spectacular setting and functioning for the everyday, albeit a dressed-up everyday. The luggage and handbags, four or five per outfit, were carried by uniformed porter. There was no suspension of disbelief required there: they could immediately be assimilated into any woman's wardrobe. And that, of course, is where Louis Vuitton makes its money.