Zero + Maria Cornejo Fall 2012 Review

Zero + Maria

Photo: Imaxtree

Looks from the Zero + Maria Cornejo Fall 2012 Collection

SHOW: Zero + Maria Cornejo (See the full collection.)

HAIR: Martin Cullen

MAKEUP: Dick Page

ACCESSORIES: Jewelry by Victoria Simes for Zeroa + Maria Cornejo, sandals (for Fall!)

THEME: Using the past to create the future

OVERALL TAKEAWAY: Cool clothes for the coolest girls

It's a widely known fashion secret that Maria Cornejo is a designer beloved by editors. Her shows are packed to the rafters; her clothes are in every chic closet. And you'll find her pieces in editorials across the spectrum.

Cornejo manages to create clothes that are at once wearable but also insanely stylish. And she innovates, turning her design process into one of art. Cornejo creates prints from photos; uses intriguing fabrics (bamboo, alpaca, ceramica) and knows how to drape on a woman's body. There's a fluidity to her pieces that's so very modern.

Her Fall 2012 collection was a beautiful study in volume done correctly. An electric blue cocoon coat was thrilling. A silk crepe and leather dress had the right amount of effortlessness that many strive to achieve. And that's what makes her pieces so fantastic—they're easy (to wear, not create). There's no pulling or tugging; they flatter, they fit, and they're so darn comfortable. Who says you have to suffer for fashion?