Anna Sui Spring 2012 Review

Anna Sui Spring 2012

Photos: Imaxtree

Looks from the Anna Sui Spring 2012 collection

Show: Anna Sui

Theme: Inspired by the fashion illustrator and photographer Antonio Lopez

Hair: Garren for Garren New York

Make-up: Pat McGrath

Accessories: Jewelry by Erickson Beamon for Anna Sui; knits and hats by James Coviello for Anna Sui; sunglasses by Anna Sui eyewear by Mondottica

Overall Takeaway: Rosie the Riveter's night out at Studio 54

Anna Sui's shows are always a good time. The promise of great music, fantastic models, and a fun atmosphere is enough to pack the house. But the clothes usually come in fourth to all these things. Perhaps this spring collection will change that.

The show had all the usual benchmarks of a Sui runway: Stam, Elson, Kloss, Muse all stomping out, a killer soundtrack, and a rowdy audience. But the clothes weren't the hippie chick boho dresses we'd expect. Instead, we got turbans, hair wraps, and an updated '40s vibe (washed through the lens of the '70s). Imagine high-waisted shorts or a chiffon jumpsuit with a lace cover-up and a matching chiffon turban. And, of course, sparkles. Subtle sparkles, but enough to get past the infamous doorman at Studio 54, circa 1978.

Sui's bold use of color fit right in with the week's trends: purples, reds, and kelly green dominated the runway, as did a plethora of prints. They were all topped off with crepe-de-chine and chiffon turbans. And did we mention the rhinestone denim shorts?

The chiffon dresses offered up a softer side to the raucous fun. They were almost sweet—the innocent ingenue compared to the party gal from earlier. But with the hair wraps and the '40s references, you couldn't help but think of Rosie the Riveter's message in these trying, uncertain times: We can do it! Perhaps we can, and perhaps we can have some fun while doing so.