A.L.C.'s Andrea Lieberman on Her Journey From Stylist to Designer

Photo: Getty Images

Andrea Lieberman.

Making her foray in fashion as a stylist, Andrea Lieberman quickly made a name for herself, scoring high profile covers like Vogue, Elle, and InStyle. After skyrocketing to become one of fashion's top stylists, Lieberman opened, Culture & Reality, a retail store in New York City, and started her own highly successful line, A.L.C., which offers jeans, tops and dresses with a hipster-chic flair.

FashionEtc got the inside scoop from Lieberman on her journey to the top, from the designers she admires most to her future goals of handbags and shoes.

At what point did you decide to make the transition from styling to designing?

I have always wanted to be a designer—I actually went to Parsons straight out of high school. I loved styling and did so professionally for 10 years but when I saw an opportunity to design my own collection, the timing felt right and I embraced it. It all happened very organically.

Are you still doing styling work?

On a limited basis—for special projects and good friends.

How do you think the two jobs influence each other?

Often times when I am designing a piece I am able envision the entire outfit and see exactly how I want it to be worn or styled. It has been a very influential part of the process for me.

What stylists or designers (or both) do you admire in the industry?

I so admire the work of Katie Grand, Edward Enninful, Tabitha Simmons. Marie-Amelie Sauve, and Camilla Nickerson to give you a laundry list of just a few. I believe them all to be true visionaries.

Designers—where to begin. Azzedine—he stays so true to his vision and is a perfectionist on so many levels. Dries—his balance and essence of inspiration always shines through in such a modern way. Phoebe Philo—from the early days of Chloe it was clear that she truly understands what a woman wants to wear and has the Midas touch. There are so many talented people, the list goes on and on.

What was your goal for ALC when you started the label?

I was very much living in the moment when I launched A.L.C.. I was going off of a gut feeling that starting this collection was the right move for me so I didn’t really have a “goal” in my head other than to create beautiful garments that a woman would covet. The big picture plan began to evolve when I was a few seasons deep.

Has that goal changed at all?

Of course, as the brand evolves our goals become more business oriented; but as a designer I am completely committed to each piece, and the collection as a whole. In the long-term, I envision expanding into new product categories including handbags and shoes. I want A.L.C to be synonymous with the new vanguard of American fashion.