Lunch Break: Tavi is "All Woman" for Oyster

Tavi Gevinson Petra Collins

Photo courtesy of Oyster

Ain't that America: Tavi Gevinson in a green dress by a pink house

We're officially on the Tavi bandwagon. After hearing her more than hold her own with the grand dame of kook, Iris Apfel, we get it.

And you will too, after clicking through Oyster's spread of the 16-year-old blogger/editor/mind-blowingly articulate teen.

Suburban malaise never looked so cool, thanks to Tavi's blonde bangs, vintage garb (that green daisy dress, lace overcoat, and pink fur were surely rifled from the bottom of a grandmother's closet), and pink shades.

Forget the white picket fence: if we ever move to the 'burbs, chain links and pink awnings aren't so bad after all.