Joe’s Jeans ‘Two Strangers, One Train Car, and a Colorful Pursuit’ Film

Good news for those of you who lose sleep wondering what Strangers on a Train might have turned out if Hitchcock had been more into denim and less into murderous intrigue.

Photographer Tao Ruspoli (fun fact: He's Olivia Wilde's ex-husband) is hitting the rails in the latest Joe's Jeans video campaign, Two Strangers, One Train Car, and a Colorful Pursuit.

Promoting the denim label's Fifty Five Colors line, the flirty take on film noir sees a model in pink jeans boarding a train and unveiling the rainbow-hued denim wonders in her python suitcase.

Once she strips down to her undies and settles down for a nap, her envious fellow passenger makes off with the stash, prompting a sexy chase sequence.

That will teach her to not keep her denim under lock and key. What was she thinking?

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