Diane von Furstenberg Suggests New York Fashion Week Compromise

lincoln center fashion week compromise
Photo: Flickr
New York Fashion Week may change its dates to accommodate Milan.

After tough negotiations between Mario Boselli, the president of Italy’s Camera Nazionale della Moda (the country’s CFDA equivalent), and both New York and London Fashion Week heads about the upcoming show scheduling conflicts, it looks like New York is backing down in the fight.

To bring you up to date: Next September, New York Fashion Week starts later than usual due to the Labor Day holiday. That delay meant that Milan Fashion Week would be cut short, so Boselli announced his plans to start Milan Fashion Week on September 19—which would not only conflict with NYFW but also eclipse London.

Strong words have been exchanged, with powerhouses like Condé Nast pledging allegiance to New York and London, while Boselli responded, “Let the best one win.”

Now, however, CFDA president Diane von Furstenberg is suggesting a compromise to Boselli, telling the New York Times that New York must “bite the bullet” for 2012 in exchange for an agreement on dates going forward.

“We have to protect the industry,” von Furstenberg said. “To give jobs is the No. 1 responsibility for anyone today, and that’s what we have to realize.”

What do you think the solution is?

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