Lulu Frost’s Lisa Salzer on Vintage Gems and More

Costume jewelry afficianados, take note: TheLookNow’s Harriet Mays Powell recently dropped in on Lulu Frost jewelry designer Lisa Salzer, and her stash of gems is a sight to behold.

“I have thousands of amazing vintage pieces,” Salzer said, going through drawers and drawers of materials for what she calls the Hundred Year necklace. “Each piece has items from 1860 to 1960,” she explained. “They’re all different, but they all have this history of costume jewelry, all in one piece.”

Salzer’s love for jewelry goes back nearly as far: Her grandmother was in the business as well. “Her name was Elizabeth Frost,” Lisa, whose nickname is Lulu, said of her company’s namesake. “She was in the estate jewelry business for a long time, so I kind of grew up around Deco and Victorian jewelry in the store in New Hope, Pennsylvania, where she worked for 40 years.”

Lulu Frost is still a family affair. “My mom now is our buyer!”

Check out Salzer’s gems in the video above.