Resort 2012: Calvin Klein Collection Presents a Monochromatic Season

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On a hot day like today, there’s not much more appealing than clean, white, simple clothes—and the Calvin Klein Collection's resort showing had those in droves.

“The clothes are so light,” Francisco Costa told TheLookNow’s Harriet Mays Powell. “We usually do a lot of t-shirt dressing for resort, but for this I wanted it to be more soft and feminine…Keep it very simple, very clean, very monotone.”

Of course, even what looked like simple, casual offerings had an upscale edge, here in the form of sterling silver (really!) necklines and trims. “It’s pure elegance,” Costa said. No jewelry required—how much simpler could it get?

Watch the video above, and for more from Calvin Klein, check out the brand’s Fall 2011 collection here.