Jonathan Adler for Lacoste - First Look

Polo Jonathan Adler for Lacoste
Photo courtesy of Lacoste
  Tennis, anyone? Jonathan Adler takes a sporty turn for his Lacoste collaboration.

Lacoste has teamed up with the likes of Catherine Malandrino, Andy Roddick, and contemporary Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng, but its latest collaboration might just top them all: Jonathan Adler and a French needlepointing nun.

Come again? Yes, Adler’s collaboration with the preppy sportswear brand includes a “Super Limited Edition” collection of just 12 polo shirts, each entirely needlepointed by hand, by the aforementioned nun—a task that reportedly takes 400 hours per shirt.

The Polo will be packaged inside a ceramic crocodile and sold for a yet-to-be-determined amount—but suffice it to say that it will likely be significantly more expensive than the other offerings from the collaboration, which will retail for $150 (“Special Edition”) and $250 (“Limited Edition”).

The Special and Limited edition shirts are no less charming, though: The former has a sporty racing stripe down the sides and an appliqué of needlepoint or a ping-pong paddle’s textured rubber (which will be sold with a blue and white needlepoint pillow), while the latter has an actual needlepoint croc sewn on and will be sold inside an Alder-designed tennis racquet case.

“I love the way Lacoste feels totally contemporary but also has an element of nostalgia,” Adler, who says he has been sporting Lacoste’s polos since he was 10, said in a release. “With this Holiday Collector’s Series project, I wanted to evoke the nifty and sporty feeling of American country clubs in the 1960s.”

Ping Pong Jonathan Adler for Lacoste

Photo courtesy of Lacoste

See a pattern? Jonathan Adler for Lacoste ping pong paddles.

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