4 Cute and Comfortable Outfit Ideas for Your Next Spin Class

If you’ve been looking for a workout that’s low impact, excellent cardio and comes with a supportive community environment, then you’ve probably already discovered a spin studio in your neighborhood. Spin classes everywhere are filled with friendly and strong women encouraging each other — and looking super cute while doing it.

There’s no better place to show up looking fierce and ready to take on your workout than a spin studio. Impress your new spin sisters with a look that’s both cute and comfortable on your next ride. Here are some ideas for activewear outfits that will boost your self-confidence and prep you to perform, making you look and feel great. You won’t want to wait to show off these styles to your gym besties in class.

1. Biker Shorts — Number one on our list for a class that involves bikes is, of course, biker shorts! There are tons of cute biker shorts to choose from that provide the perfect coverage while still letting your legs breathe a little on those intense hill sprints. No one wants to have to pause and roll up their pant legs during a sweaty spin class or worry about hems getting caught on your pedals.

Biker shorts are the most comfortable option for a workout that requires the ability to move at a moment’s notice in unison with the rest of the class. You need a stay-put style that allows you to constantly sit and stand up on your bike in rapid intervals as soon as the instructor directs you.

There’s no time to be pulling down tiny shorts that are way too short or rolling up pants that are too long. The mid-thigh or knee length of biker shorts ensures a fit that stays in place. Plus, with less weight at the bottom of the garment pulling them down, you’ll be more comfortable in the seated position on a bike. Try them in your next spin class and you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. They’re that comfy!

2. A Sports Bra That’s All About Comfort — Next up on our list of outfits you need in spin class is: cute sports bras that provide the comfort and support you need for your workout. It’s impossible to focus on giving your spin workout everything you’ve got if you’re worried about a wardrobe malfunction or don’t feel held in enough.

Find a sports bra in a style that speaks to your personality while giving you the lift and compression you need. Whether it’s a fun pattern like red cheetah print or a great neutral like military green, the sports bra is the centerpiece of your outfit so be sure to choose ones you feel your best in.

We especially love a seamless style to avoid any itchy threads pressing into our skin. A comfortable sports bra matched with the perfect length of biker shorts is an outfit you can take on the world in — or at least your next spin class.

3. Anything High Waisted — High-rise styles are made for all body types. Regardless of the size of our belly, no one likes a waistband that slips down or leaves us exposed while leaning over a bike. 

The ultimate comfort for spin workouts lies in a high waisted biker short or legging so you can spend less time fidgeting. Feel held in as you bounce to the soundtrack played by your favorite spin instructor. Additionally, the high-rise style is flattering on everyone. No more needing to stand up extra straight and suck it in when you want to take that post-class group selfie. High waisted styles have you covered (literally!).

4. Matching Sets — The fast track to feeling extra cute in your spin studio is a matching set outfit. A top, jacket or sports bra in the same pattern as your shorts or leggings is a fail-proof way to feel your best. When you feel your best, you can then perform at your best and strongest capability.

Psychologists have actually defined self-esteem as being malleable and able to be changed. This means that the better you feel and perform, the higher you can raise your self-esteem.

Give your self-esteem a boost in your cute new outfits and you’ll feel more prepared to take on extra intense workouts. Looking good really can help you feel good, too. Put it to the test on your next ride in a comfortable matching set outfit.

In summation, when you prioritize finding outfits that provide the support, comfort and aesthetic you want, you’ll feel the benefits in your mood and confidence. Comfortable waistbands, seamless sports bra styles and matching pieces — all of these activewear ideas will help you perform at your best in your workouts. Now get out there, turn up that resistance and crush your next spin class!