How You Can Revamp Your Closet and Love Your Style

When you last opened up your closet or wardrobe, how happy were you with what you saw in there? Was it everything you thought it was, or were you left feeling disappointed? You change, your body changes, and how you feel about clothes and styles changes too. Moving with these changes and adapting is important. Revamping your closet and loving your style once more is an enjoyable process that you should undertake. 

Be Ruthless With a Clear-out

As you look through your closet, you need to be ruthless. Think about everything that you no longer like (or that no longer fits). There is little to no point in keeping hold of things that you haven't worn recently. If you haven't used or even worn something in the last few months (season dependent), then be prepared to get rid of it. If you are not ruthless, you will find that you are holding onto pieces just for the sake of it. These pieces will take up valuable (and much-needed space).

Have a Color Consultation

Your skin tone, complexion, eye color, and hair color are important when it comes to choosing colors to wear. However, more often than not, it is easy to get it wrong. Choosing the wrong colors for your complexion or skin tone can be disastrous. You can end up looking and feeling washed out if you are not careful. Having a color consultation with a trained specialist can help you establish just what colors and tones you should be wearing and why. Without a consultation, you may fall into the trap of buying those colors and shades that are non-complimentary.

Buying the Right Size, Fit and Cut

Once your wardrobe or closet clear-out is complete, it is time to hit the stores again. It can be tempting to buy an outfit that is a smaller size or that is a size you used to be a few years ago. However, if you do this, you will not do justice to yourself and to your style. Buying clothing that fits well can make all of the difference when pulling together a complete look. Clothes that are too short or too tight can ruin the whole look and aesthetic.

Using a Mannequin

When you are at home, you don't always want to try on every outfit to get the right look. To save yourself time and hassle, you need to invest in a high-quality mannequin like those they have in the stores. Mannequins that come from those who handle retail supplies will be created to the highest standard and finish, and this is what you need. A mannequin that is similar in shape and size to your body can save you time and stress, and it can allow you to put a new (or older) outfit together effortlessly.

Put Together Capsules

There are styles and types of outfits that work well on you (and that truly complement you), leaving you feeling fabulous. Putting together capsules is important because this ensures you always have a go-to outfit for almost every occasion. A go-to outfit that you can be sure fits and works perfectly.