How to Accessorize: 6 Simple Tips for Choosing Stylish Accessories

Accessories are a sure-shot way of enhancing your appearance and making you look put together. They have a way of tying your outfit together. No matter your style, accessories should always be part of your shopping itinerary, as they are an easy and economical way of elevating your style.

Accessories help you turn a basic look into a chic and glamorous ensemble. How do you think celebrities and their stylists do it? They rely on accessories and mix and match to multiply an ensemble’s appeal.

Accessories set a tone for what vibe you want to project from each outfit and can often accentuate your features. For example, a simple black dress paired with a chunky belt and headband would turn it into a bohemian ensemble rather than a simple dress.

Today we’ll give you six tried and tested accessorizing tips that will leave people slack-jawed and swooning after your style.

1. Increase Your Accessories Variety

Many people have specific accessories they have been using for years. They feel these accessories complement them the best and are their go-to choices. While this might be true, it is often limiting when looking at different styling options and experimenting with different accessories.

No one wants to look the same way for years. Hence, going out and about and exploring different accessorizing options helps increase your accessories variety.

Remember, accessories are not limited to jewelry or bags. It is a whole avenue of small add-ons that complement your outfit.

Belts, scarves, shoes, tags, pins, badges, etc., are all options for accessorizing. One great way to explore different styles is to check stores like Extreme Largeness Wholesale US to see what’s hot in the market. These stores have a large variety that you can choose from and have very reasonable prices.

2. Colors and Patterns Add Depth

Do you have a crew neck that is just bland? We know that, on average, each person owns at least two. Even though they can be paired with different things and are great for mixing and matching, they often lack depth.

Accessories are a great way of adding depth and color to a boring outfit like this. Colors and prints make your outfit look unique. You look like you’ve thought your ensemble through.

When styling clothing articles with too many colors and patterns, look for the dominant color in the ensemble. After you’ve established that, look for accessorizing that complement that color.

Go for statement gold and silver jewelry if you want to play it safe. Nothing can go wrong with a cute golden necklace or simple silver loops. However, ensure that you aren’t clashing or over-accessorizing.

3. Keep Proportions In Mind

One of the biggest mistakes most people make when using accessories is ignoring proportions. To look put together, you need to look balanced.

When choosing a certain accessory, make sure it complements your body type and features. Moreover, it should also complement the apparel and other accessories you wear. If you have a petite stature and want to appear taller, then your best bet is to stick to minimalistic accessories. Try pairing accessories in a manner that doesn’t seem excessive.

If you have a dominant feature you’d like to accentuate, then wear accessories that are flattering for it. A properly thought-out selection of accessories has the power to make your neck look slender (minimal multi-layered necklace), and you can make your eyes bigger and brighter (scarves that match your eye color).

We typically recommend adding three to four accessories per outfit to stay proportionate and balanced. However, two pieces should do the job if you are going for chunky and large pieces.

4. Spend On Classic Items

Classic accessories are worth spending more money on. They have a way of adding a completely new dimension to your style statement. When you buy a classic, it is an investment that will pay off huge returns.

Classic jewelry is generally of great quality and has a good lifecycle. Now, we aren’t asking you to splurge every time you see a classic accessory. However, we ask you to analyze which accessory is worth it and which isn’t.

A good way of analyzing this is seeing if that certain accessory will stay in fashion for a long time or not or does it even complement any of your apparel. You should also see if the price is doing justice to the item you want to buy; if it’s a simple thing but has a hefty price tag, your best bet is to look for other options.

5. Makeup As An Accessory

Make-up is one of the greatest accessories that you can carry. The color of your lipstick has the power to set the tone for the day. If you wear daring make-up such as bold red lipstick and classy winged eyeliner, you won’t need any material accessories, except maybe a pair of loops.

Whatever make-up style you go for, keep the destination and outfit you are wearing in mind. It will help you tie your look together.

Falsies, nail polish, tattoos, contacts, and even hair extensions can pass as accessories. Just remember to see that they are complementary to the overall ensemble.

6. Bold and Neutral Colors Are A Good Pair

Despite popular belief, pairing bold and neutral colors are a great way to make your outfit unique. They add a visual balance to your ensemble. A white halter neck will look great with a neon chunky necklace or bag.

Neutral clothing acts as a backdrop for bold colors and statement jewelry. And if you are going for bright and bold-colored outfits like a co-ord set, then you can pair it with neutral and muted jewelry to add a balance.

Bottom Line

Accessories are a way of adding styling options to your wardrobe. They help you wear the same clothing item in several ways by adding different pieces. They help you experiment and are also a way of defining your style. Most importantly, they have a way of tying outfits together seamlessly and making you look cool, classy, and trendy.