How to Style a Sundress

For most, summer sundresses are a closet staple. When you pair them with casual sandals, these summer dresses look great as a cover up for the beach, boat or pool. On the other hand, if you pair one of them with different cute shoes like a pair of heels, you have a great outfit to wear to a summer party or event. Needless to say, sundresses are super versatile and can be worn with a multitude of shoes, jewelry and other accessories. Here’s a closer look at how to style a sundress for different summer occasions.

Styling a Sundress for Casual Occasions

When it comes to casual summer activities, there’s not much you can’t do in a sundress. These cute dresses are available in countless styles, lengths, colors and prints so there’s definitely something for every mood, occasion, venue and temperature. When shopping for sundresses, choose cuts and styles that make you feel both comfortable and confident. Skip a style if it shows too much skin for your liking or covers a feature you love to show off. Take your time and buy what you’re excited to wear!

Once you’ve found a few sundresses that you love, you can start styling them for different summer occasions. Think about footwear first, taking special care to match casual shoe styles with the right dress. A simple white sundress always looks great with a pair of strappy sandals and a summer hat. This is a great three-piece outfit that can take you from Sunday brunch to summer vacation and beyond.

Casual sundresses deserve to be styled with cute jewelry and a handbag, too. A colorful cotton or linen sundress pairs well with subtle jewelry and simple yet classic styles. Let the colors of your sundress shine and add a gold or silver pendant, one or two rings and a pair of hoop earrings to complete the look. Throw on a pair of ballet flats, black sunglasses and a leather crossbody bag and you’re ready for a day of shopping, strolling or exploring.

Perhaps the best way to style a sundress for a casual summer day is with a pair of cute, comfortable sneakers. Fashion sneakers are the perfect choice when dressing down an outfit for casual or daytime wear because they add a flat, sporty element without compromising on style. Classic, clean white sneakers are a timeless addition to a short or midi length sundress, while colorful sneakers with metallic designs and textured materials help to create a bold and creative look.

Styling a Sundress for Nicer Occasions

You can also wear your favorite sundresses to nicer events! All you have to do is upgrade your shoes, accessories and finishing touches. Start by choosing a sundress that meshes well with your other summer evening wear. Go for styles with dark colors, bold designs or special elements like lace, cutouts or embellishments.

Use your dress choice as inspiration for the rest of your outfit and choose a pair of shoes in a matching or similar color. A short navy or black sundress pairs well with heeled sandals or classic black pumps. Open toe shoe styles help tie in the summer inspiration and make the look feel more cohesive. For a bold look, add a bit of shimmer and go for a pair of metallic flats or heels. It’s a great option for date night or dinner with friends!

Jewelry is super important when it comes to dressing up a summer sundress. Consider a large statement piece like a cocktail ring or a long necklace, which will help tie the look together. If a more subtle evening look is desired, go for an all gold or all silver jewelry look featuring drop earrings and a set of layered necklaces. 

The Best Hair and Makeup Looks to Wear with a Sundress

While accessories are often considered the finishing touches of any outfit, it’s really up to the hair and makeup looks to perfect the ensemble. Many sundress styles feature summer weather-friendly short sleeves or none at all, making them the perfect candidate for free flowing hairstyles. Whether you have long or short hair, hairstyles that feature textured waves or brushed out curls are always a good idea. Leave the hair completely down for a natural, casual look or pin the sides back to show off your earrings.

Your makeup look is the easiest way to help take your sundress from day to night. Focus on soft blush shades, defined brows and long lashes during the day and then take things up a notch at night with winged eyeliner, tinted lip gloss and shimmery cheek highlights. Pair these hair and makeup tips with the styling advice above and your sundress outfit styling will be a breeze!