6 Ultimate Fashion Tips to Look More Stylish and Attractive

One of the common myths about fashion is that if one is not born with an innate fashion sense, there is no hope for you. And while this is a myth some women believe, it is not true. Style can be learned. It is true that some people naturally have a sense of style and can quickly put something together. However, that does not mean you cannot learn what works for you. Being classy and stylish every day is something you can master. It might take some patience and research to get there, but when you finally manage to crack what is right for you, the effort will be worth it. With that said, here are several ideas that can help you look stylish and attractive.

Get To Know Your Body Shape

Have you ever seen a beautiful outfit on someone and thought to yourself, 'I need to get that? The only problem is that after buying it, you take one look in the mirror, and you just want to tear the outfit into pieces. Most people do not understand that bodies come in different shapes, curves, sizes, and heights. If you do not understand your body type, you will fail in choosing the right outfit for yourself. The common body shapes include apple, pear, inverted triangle, hourglass, and rectangle.

Knowing your body shape allows you to understand which part of your body is large, slim, wide, and narrow and how you can create balance with outfits. It will also help you choose the right clothing when you go shopping. Most importantly, you can develop your personal style once you understand what clothes go well with your body.

Ensure You Have the Wardrobe Basics Every Woman Needs

While everyone has their own styles, there are certain wardrobe basics every woman needs to own. These are timeless pieces that will never go out of fashion, such as a pair of black pants. Wardrobe essentials are the kind of clothes that help you bring other outfits together. Clothing pieces like women's designer coats and jackets go a long way in ensuring you are warm but stylish. Also, depending on the color you choose, they complement any outfit. For instance, your closet should not lack a denim jacket. This is timeless outerwear that can be worn for years to come. On top of that, you can wear it with jeans, a dress or a skirt.

Another piece you need to have is a pair of jeans, whether straight or skinny or both. These outfits are easy to style, and you will hardly go wrong with them. Other basic clothing items include T-shirts, skirts, sweaters, blazers, flats, sneakers, heels, and accessories like handbags, rings, scarves, sunglasses, and belts.

Wear Clothes that Fit You Well

One trick to ensuring you look stylish and attractive in any clothing is ensuring it fits you perfectly. When you go to the store to buy an item, try it on and check that it fits perfectly, then walk around ensuring that you are comfortable. If you are making an order online, ensure the measurements are right. Dresses that bunch up uncomfortably or pants that drag as you walk are not appealing. First, ensure that your capsule wardrobe fits you perfectly, then start playing around with under and oversized items in a fashionable way.

Do Not Shy Away from Color

One can hardly go wrong with neutrals like black, white, and beige. That is why a majority of clothes in one's wardrobe are in such colors. However, if you are looking to be stylish, embrace bold colors like red, orange, green, blue, etc. You can start with analogous colors. These are colors with a similar hue, and so you will find them next to each other on a colored wheel. For instance, a color like blue is between blue-violet and teal. You can therefore put on three pieces in those colors and manage to look stylish. You should also try complementary colors, like wearing a forest green top and a burgundy skirt. It is always advisable to start small, as you find which colors work best for you.

Find Your Personal Style

While it may take time to develop a signature style, start by creating a mood board. For most people, finding a personal style takes a lot of experimenting. So you will not know what you look good at till you try. Take time to play around with different outfits, colors, and styles till you find what looks great on you.

Always Accessorize

Always try to wear an accessory with your outfit. Common accessories include jewelry, handbags, hair accessories, belts, and sunglasses. Even shoes can be accessories, especially if they are statement footwear that helps elevate your look.

The key thing to looking stylish is finding what works for your body. Also, try and keep up with fashion trends and follow fashion bloggers. They offer a lot of advice when it comes to dressing your body.