How Fashion Nova Became the Most Searched Brand in 2018

The fashion industry is changing. Direct-to-consumer online brands like Missguided, Boohoo, and Fashion Nova produce new styles at the speed of light, and their customers aren’t slowing down either.

Fashion Nova has stood tall above other ultrafast fashion brands within the last three years. This LA-based brand was the most searched for fashion brand on Google in 2018, and also the top-performing fashion brand on Instagram.

The news came as a surprise to everyone, even those who purchase Fashion Nova wares. They outperformed major luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Givenchy, and had almost as much traffic as Gucci and Louis Vuitton put together.

You may be wondering:

How was Fashion Nova able to climb to the top? How did they do it with no form of traditional marketing on their part? How did Fashion Nova do it without runway shows, SEO, interviews, or press releases?

How did they beat out the biggest fashion brands by selling affordable clothes?

Let’s take a look at the strategies behind their success.

1. Focus

This is one of the biggest reasons why Fashion Nova became the best. They had a plan in mind, and they didn’t deviate from it. They used the “One Thing Strategy”.

The ‘One-Thing’ strategy is focusing on one thing at a time to achieve SUCCESS.

Fashion Nova founder and CEO, Richard Saghian uses this strategy in everything that Fashion Nova does. Let’s see some examples.

2. They use only one distribution channel.

Most people who buy Fashion Nova products do so because they saw them on Instagram. They upload up to 30 posts daily and still grow their follower count. Even though Fashion Nova’s posts crowd the customer’s feed, they are eager to see what the company has for them. They are excited to recommend new things to their friends.

Saghian said he had a goal of opening 100 stores across the U.S. when he first started, but he then realized that it takes less effort to increase revenue online than it does by launching stores. “Why open up more stores when I can open up to more countries with lesser efforts?” he said.

3. They have only one goal

Fashion Nova’s goal is to give out the best products at the best prices and keep releasing new things fast! Since they started, they haven’t deviated from this goal.

Their only focus is to ‘get as many more people as possible on their platform.’

It’s working for them.

4. Novelty

Fashion Nova is the king of ultra-fast fashion brands. They have over 1,000 manufacturers who produce samples within 24 hours and then make them ready for the in-house models to wear within another 24 hours.

Nobody releases that fast.

And unlike fast fashion which involves sampling ideas from the catwalk and turning them into affordable wears, Fashion Nova comes up with new ideas every time. They keep their styles fresh even though they release between 600 and 900 new styles every week.

5. Size inclusivity

A wide audience that remains untapped by many fashion brands is the plus-size audience. There’s an increased percentage of overweight adults in the US, but most brands only release clothes that suit curvy or lean figures.

Fashion Nova offers cloth sizes ranging from XS to 3X. Some of the plus size styles released recently even get up to size 4X.

They’ve increased the number of their plus size styles by over 35% and this has brought all plus size men and women to their doorstep. They want something they can feel comfortable in, and Fashion Nova gives it to them.

6. Affordable pricing

Fashion Nova has been able to tap into the middle-class by setting prices they can afford. Many are not ready to spend half their earnings on a Louis Vuitton jacket or a Dior bag. So, when they see that they can get high-quality, amazing products for as low as $30, they don’t only go for it, they buy in bulk.

They’re so many things they like, and they’re all affordable. Why not buy them all?

Fashion Nova’s pricing is quite similar to Forever 21 and Boohoo, but they make some products like crop tops and jeans even more affordable. It’s almost like you’re getting second-hand products, but this time, they’re new and fantastic.

7. Influencer marketing

One of the biggest factors of Fashion Nova’s success is influencer investment. They collaborate with major Instagram influencers and celebrities like Amber Rose, Kylie Jenner, and Cardi B. Just one post by Kylie Jenner could bring in $50,000, and she’s not the only influencer on their list.

They also collaborate with micro-influencers and NovaBabes (their fans), who have an entire hashtag feed showcasing Fashion Nova products.

These influencers don’t do anything different than they will normally do in their normal photos. The only difference is that they’re wearing Fashion Nova products. They could mention it in their caption and also give a discount code for their followers to shop the look.

With over 5000 social media influencers with a large following on their networks, Fashion Nova will keep rising to the top.