6 Tips to Incorporate 2020 Fashion Trends Into Your Existing Wardrobe

Spring is a season for fresh starts, and for many people, a fresh wardrobe too! While a new season might make you feel like you need to stock up on all the latest fashions, you can create tons of stylish springtime looks without needing to replace everything you have in your closet.

Here are six tips to incorporate 2020 fashion trends into your existing wardrobe:

1. Make simple swaps.

Most of us have a few items in our closet that are starting to feel a little bit tired or old fashioned, but it isn’t always easy to try to figure out what to do with them. Start by planning out the different types of outfits you’d normally style for each of these staples, and see whether you’d like to swap them out with a new, upgraded piece.

●   Do you have a versatile floral shirt that works just as well for a day at the office as it does for dinner with the gals? Switch the floral shirt for a crochet top.

●   Are your go-to shoes looking like they need a little upgrade? Refresh your go-to shoes for the latest version.

●   Does the handbag that goes with just about everything beg for a refresh? Consider upgrading to a versatile sling bag.

By replacing items that already fit smoothly into your current wardrobe, you can ensure you’ll find many uses for your new additions.

2. Keep costs in mind.

In general, when you’re shopping for new additions to your wardrobe, try to find pieces that’ll last you more than one season so that you can get more wears for your money.

There are a few 2020 trends that might not be worth investing in the most high-end version, because of how briefly the trend will probably last.

Some examples are:

●   super small handbags

●   slim sunglasses

●   colorful boots

Items that you might consider increasing your investment in are timeless staples like trench coats, cat eye sunglasses or even a pair of basic black boots.

Some simple math you can do when deciding whether to invest in an item or not is to determine the cost per wear (how much the item is divided by how many times you anticipate wearing it). The lower the cost per wear, the better!

3. Look for transitional pieces.

As you think about bringing new items into your wardrobe, consider which can help you seamlessly transition from season to season. Can you possibly style this new summer piece for spring, and even into the fall?

●   Cute two-piece swimsuits are perfect for summer, but can also create a pop of colorful fun underneath a sheer top in the fall or spring.

●   One-piece swimsuits can look like bodysuits when styled with high waisted jeans or a flowing skirt.

●   A bold maxi dress is ready for winter when layered under a chunky cardigan.

●   Throw some tights on underneath your faux leather hotpants, and the spring piece is now ready for fall.

As you browse your options, think about what other pieces you have in your closet that could help extend the lives of all the new pieces that you choose.

4. Play with colorful, trendy jewelry.

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to upgrade your style for a new year is to purchase some inexpensive, but trend-forward, accessories. Jewelry is a great way to jazz up an otherwise basic outfit, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

●   Shell jewelry offers a taste of the tropics, without ever having to leave the backyard.

●   Bold, colorful earrings and bracelets add sparkle and a pop of brightness to any outfit.

●   Oversized chains make a bold statement, and give off a truly edgy vibe.

●   Pearls, whether real or faux, become fresh and fun when styled with athleisure looks.

You don’t need to pick the most expensive version of the trend because costume jewelry is fun and a totally suitable alternative to fine jewelry.

5. Step into style with cute new shoes.

Shoes aren’t always the easiest trend to build into your wardrobe, as the bold options might not stay in style as long as you’d like them to. Thankfully, the trends this year are more timeless than they are timely.

●   Square toed shoes go with everything from jeans to midi skirts, dressing up a casual look enough to make it ready for date night.

●   White sneakers are a true classic and bring freshness to any outfit.

●   Lace-up shoes are a big trend for 2020 and offer unique detailing around the ankle.

●   Mary Janes are a long-loved favorite that adds preppy coolness, and a hint of 70s flair.

●   Espadrilles return as a spring and summer favorite, spicing up everything from cute two-piece swimsuits to frilly summer dresses.

6. Find pieces that are special and feel personal to you.

As with anything, just because a trend works for one person doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for everyone else. When searching for new pieces to incorporate into your existing wardrobe, pay attention to items that help you tell your own personal story.

●   Look for pieces that you feel most comfortable wearing and you’ll carry yourself more confidently in them.

●   Adapt trends that others are following to reflect your own personal style.

●   Explore different shops to discover boutique clothing that looks and feels special.

●   Pay attention to your skin tone and body type to choose the colors and shapes that work best for you.

While trends may come and go, you’ll always remember the clothing that inspired you to be the best version of yourself!

Reviving and Thriving

You really don’t need to replace your entire wardrobe in order to revive it with fresh outfits that you’ll love to wear. All it takes is a little creativity and a few key pieces to revive your style for the remainder of 2020.