5 Essential Tips for Buying Designer Shoes Online

Buying designer clothes and accessories online is not only a great way to find exclusive deals, but it
also allows you to gain access to a much wider selection of products than you would at your average store. But before you start shopping online for designer shoes, there are a few things you have to
know to make sure that you’ll be satisfied with your shopping experience. Here are a few essential
tips for people buying their first pair of designer shoes online.

Beware of Extreme Deals

Designer shoes are supposed to be expensive. That’s just the way it is. So, if you see a pair of shoes
that are usually $400 for only $149, then chances are they’re fake. Counterfeiting is rampant online,
and while some will try to pass their clothes off as authentic, others will drastically lower their prices
so buyers can get the hint.

The only exception is when buying secondhand shoes. You can find secondhand shoes for relatively cheap, but it still doesn’t mean that you can’t be sold fakes. If you’re going to buy secondhand shoes,
ask if they still have the tags attached to them. If not, ask if they’re in their original box. If they can’t provide either, then the label should at least be present. In many cases, a black line will be crossed through the label on secondhand shoes, but the label should still be there. If they can’t provide any
of these, then you shouldn’t risk it.


The next thing you should do is check for feedback on the store in question. The most important thing you should check for is if they’re known to sell counterfeits. You should be able to find out by running
a simple search of whether or not they’re legitimate. Another thing you should check is if they have a long-standing brick and mortar location. Major online stores with brick and mortar locations will be more likely to be legitimate since physical stores that sell fake merchandise are usually cracked down
on pretty quickly.

Another plus is that you’ll be able to try the shoes in store first to avoid any surprises. For example,
if you were looking for a pair of sneakers and assume that your usual size will fit you, then you might find out that they’re too narrow or wide once you get them.

Get as Many Details as Possible

If you’re going to buy the shoes directly online, then make sure that you have as many details about them as possible. Try to get as many angles as you can of the shoes before you make a decision. And make sure that you buy from a site that will allow you to zoom in on the images as well. You’ll be able
to get a closer look at the quality of the finish and fabrics used. And read the description to get as
many details as possible on things like materials, design, and color.

If you’re not going to try the shoes on first, you should at least have the right measurements for your feet. While getting your feet measured by a professional is always better, you can also do it yourself. Most sites will have general size charts, but you should always talk with one of their reps to make sure. They’ll be able to tell you exactly which size you should get depending on your measurements.

Take a Look at the Shipping Policy

Understanding the shipping and returns policy is very important before you buy. You should check if there will be additional charges in case you want to return the shoes. You should also check their shipping options and see if there are any additional fees there as well. SSENSE for example ship all
over the world, with the US delivery time being 2-3 days. They offer everything from Gucci sneakers, sandals and boots and a wide variety of shoes from designers like Miu Miu, Emilio Pucci and Maison Margiela, just to name a few.

Beware of Outlet Stores

Many people shop at online and offline outlet shops thinking they’re getting great deals on their
favorite designers. But few are aware that big brands will often have an outlet collection that will be designed to mimic some of their most popular products, but with lower quality. So, don’t be fooled by the label and avoid online outlet stores at all costs if you care about quality.

If you want to find great deals on designer shoes online and want to make sure that you aren’t taken advantage of, always follow these few simple tips. And make sure that you work only with reputable suppliers if you want to be satisfied with your purchase