A Lesson in Holiday "Eticat" with Derek Blasberg & 2 Kitties

Derek Blasberg, author of Classy and Very Classy, has made a name for himself in teaching women how to act with elegance and grace — Lilo, we suggest you pick up a copy...

But between the eggnog and the sequined minidresses, the holidays bring with them a whole new set of rules, and who better to bring said rules to light than Derek and two furry felines?

In this video (which we seriously wish was a recurring series), Derek teams up with Juicy Couture and two cats, Classy Cat and Messy Kitty, to give a lesson in "eticat."

From bringing proper hostess gifts like scented candles to a party to steering clear of one-too-many glasses of eggnog, watch as Derek, Classy Cat, and Messy Kitty present the dos and dont's this holiday season.