Lunch Break: Elvis Presley & Sophia Loren, One Stylish Duo

Elvis Presley August 16 death Graceland Sophia Loren

Photo: Bob Willoughby for Getty Images

Preeminent hip-shaker (and to some concerned parents, a devil's advocate with really great hair) Elvis Presley died 35 years ago today.

We assume you're not mourning the late entertainer at Graceland, amid throngs of impersonators at his graveside clad in polyester jumpsuits.

We're sequestered in Manhattan, so we're celebrating the next best way: sharing this shot of Elvis entwined with Sophia Loren and blaring a couple of tunes.

We did leave our blue suede shoes at home.

What Elvis-inspired trends would you like to return? Jumpsuits? Gold sunglasses? Let us know in the comments below.