Our Current Obsession: Marianne Batlle's Fashion Icon Brooches

Photos courtesy of Creatures of Comfort

Marianne Batlle Brooches: Karl Lagerfeld (left), Yves Saint Laurent (right) 

Ever wished you could wear Karl Lagerfeld on your sleeve at all times? What about Yves Saint Laurent? John and Yoko? Well, consider your wish granted! 

Parisian artist, Marianne Batlle, designs hand-beaded brooches with a pop culture/fashion focus that feature icons like the Kaiser, Monsieur Saint Laurent, Andy Warhol and Vincent van Gogh. 

Photo courtesy of Creatures of Comfort 

We can already picture wearing them as brooches on jacket lapels to fashionable flares on totes and clutches.

Each brooch ranges between $80-$125, and can currently be purchased at Creatures of Comfort