Bonnaroo Style: Our Video Mix of the Cutting-Edge Groups on the Scene

If you're reading this, you're probably not knee-deep in mud, liquor bottles, and sweet jams at the annual rowdy music festival in Manchester, Tennessee. We're just as disappointed as you are, but consider our round-up of Bonnaroo's guests a musical and stylish salve to ride out the rest of your cubicle-stationed day.

1. Fun., "We Are Young"

The pop band's ubiquitous tune shows no signs of easing out of our Spotify rotation, and the video, featuring the dapper tuxedo'd members, deserves a credit for style,  thanks to guest vocalist Janelle Monae—whose preference for consistently androgynous, black & white wardrobe—deserves her own sartorial mashnote. Fun (pun intended) fact: Guitarist Jack is little bro to super cool designer, Rachel Antonoff.