Sneak Peek: Rock & Republic's New Looks

There's nothing like the winter blues to encourage even the most sociable of folks to succumb to Hulu reruns and swaths of layered fleece. But now that warmer temperatures are upon us, it's time to shut off the laptop, power down your SAD lamp, and embrace spring with these new looks from Rock & Republic.

Rock and Republic Sneak Peek

Photos courtesy of Rock & Republic

So long, layers: a sneak peek of Rock & Republic's new offerings, just in time for spring

Whether your warm-weather agenda involves hitting the music festival circuit or planning an early springtime cookout, insulated layers and silhouette-obscuring pieces are a thing of the past, thanks to the label's downtown-cool pieces. With most items falling in the $30 to $80 range, you'll still have cash left over for an iced coffee.

You know it's spring when barbecues and white jeans are back. Might we suggest toting a Tide-to-Go pen? At left, white boot-cut jeans pair nicely with tan heels and a sheer, long-sleeved camp shirt.

Take a note from our fitness expert and get shorts-season-ready. If the Bonnaroo denim cutoffs, at right, can't bring you to do lunges, we're not sure what will. A washed zipper tank complements the blue pieces—a casual scarf, low-key clutch, and cobalt Gwen shoes.

All pieces will be available at Kohl's stores nationwide and at beginning April 1.