Stella McCartney’s LFW Surprise: A Flash Mob!

Stella McCartney
Photo: Getty Images
Alexa Chung and Stella McCartney

Talk about the most fashionable game of musical chairs ever.

O.G. supermodels Amber Valetta, Shalom Harlow and Yasmin Le Bon were among those getting in on the flash mob action during Stella McCartney’s party at London Fashion Week.

As Kate Moss and Rihanna looked on, chair-toting dancers from the Royal Ballet incorporated the trio of beauties into their act. (The appearance was planned: as Valetta told Grazia, “‘Stella just said, 'Come do something different.'”)

Why wouldn’t we expect theatrics from the designer who once cast gymnasts as models at her Adidas show, and partied with Ab Fab star Jennifer Saunders, in character as Edina Monsoon? However, we'll have to wait until Paris Fashion Week to see if McCartney's fall collection is in fact Terpsichorean-themed.