Fashion Week Diary: Prabal Gurung's Cheery Colors, Mulberry's New Digs and Cloning

Spring 2012 Prabal Gurung Monique Lhuillier

Photos: Imaxtree

Spring 2012 looks from Prabal Gurung (left) and Monique Lhuillier (right).

Fashion Week Diary, Day Three.

There's something really wrong about crawling out of bed on a Saturday to get dressed. Like, dressed. I prefer spending my weekends in an Excedrin haze, lolling about. But as it's our most favorite time of the year, I hopped out of bed and the magical fashion elves had my outfit waiting for me. (A girl can dream, okay?)

I made my way to Prabal Gurung (in stripes with red shoes today!). Traffic cooperated for once, though the checkpoints are apparently only going to get worse. The show was worth the trek to IAC on West 18th Street. Nicki Minaj rolled in wearing a pretzel necklace that had everyone in a tizzy. And Gurung's clothes were exactly what we needed on a gray, overcast day. It's always really great to see a young designer evolve over time. He's full of surprises, and that's what fashion needs right now. (For more on Prabal Gurung's show, read the review.)

After Prabal, I ran into a slew of pals outside but decided a much needed coffee break was in order. (I really don't function on Saturdays.) So I headed off to Pastis where I ran into the amazing Robin Givhan. We nearly got a table for five, but alas, the hostess split us up. Boo!

Up next was tea at Mulberry. Yes, more caffeine! (As MTV used to say, "Too much is never enough.") Back to Mulberry, who just opened a new flagship on Spring Street (which my cab driver couldn't find. Feel free to sigh along with me). The store used to be a print house, and that is reflected in the 8,000 hardcover books lining shelves. (I checked, they're actual books, not props.) But as much as I love books, I was there for the bags. They're heaven. I think I need a Mulberry one for the season. And though they were serving cake with the tea, I refrained. It is Fashion Week after all.

Mulberry flagship store

Photo courtesy of Mulberry

A look inside Mulberry's new flagship store on Spring Street.

Speaking of that traffic situation, Perry Ellis is helping out the semi-stranded fashion denizens this weekend by providing town cars around show venues. Um, genius. I'm hoping to catch one tomorrow.

The day ended with Monique Lhuillier. The show was a giant paparazzi storm with Mandy Moore and Leann Rimes sitting front row. The clothes were very much in the Sporty Spice meets Posh vein—evening gowns with racer backs, etc. All very fun and pretty. The audience gasped when a model stumbled a bit but she recovered nicely, thank you. Those runways are treacherous! (For more on Monique Lhuillier, read the review.)

I was hoping to hit up Milk Studios to catch the Alejandro Ingelmo presentation before it finished, but, alas, I have yet to clone myself. Probably for the best—the world's not ready for two Aminas.

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