Best of Resort 2012: Our 12 Favorite Collections

prabal gurung
Photos courtesy of Prabal Gurung
9. Prabal Gurung

Can Prabal Gurung do wrong? That will remain to be seen, but as far as his resort collection goes, no, no, he can't. The candy colors (interspersed with black and white), the bright florals, and fun cuts and asymmetrical hems made for a collection that made us smile. And if you knew us, you’d know that’'s hard to do. His fans will no doubt appreciate his work on embellished skirts and jackets, but overall this was a much simpler show than his Fall 2012 Dickensian-themed one.

zero maria cornejo
Photos courtesy of Zero + Maria Cornejo
10. Zero + Maria Cornejo

Our love for Maria Cornejo is one we’re proud to admit. Her dresses fit nearly every body type, her prints are legendary, and her clothes are just damn cool. Her resort collection was full of bold colors (fuchsia paired with gray), prints from her own photographs (of tile floors this time), and easy-to-wear dresses that we’re dying to get into.

proenza schouler
Photos courtesy of Proenza Schouler
11. Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler’s Fall 2012 collection was inspired by a roadtrip across America, specifically the Southwest. This resort line still had the tribal influences we saw from last season, but this time it was a tad bit more wearable—resort’s keyword. Ikat replaces Navajo weaves and prints for the most part, showing up in patterned dresses, suits, and skirts. The earthy hues were a touch boho, but the overall look was totally chic.

the row
Photos courtesy of The Row
12. The Row

When Governors Island in New York has themed Great Gatsby events, we always wonder what to wear and where to get it. The Row’s resort collection has that sorted. Granted not every piece has a period feel to it, but the collection brings to mind resort at its grandest: lounging on holiday, playing croquet, dancing all night in loose-fitting dresses, nautical cardigans, and pajama pants.