MAC Collaborates with Cindy Sherman

cindy sherman for MAC cosmetics
Photo courtesy of MAC
Artist Cindy Sherman gets into character for MAC Cosmetics.

When it comes to collaborations, MAC prides itself on teaming up with edgy, innovative artists.

So it comes as no surprise that their latest campaign features famed photographer, Cindy Sherman—the woman renowned for the outlandish self-portraits she creates with props, makeup, prosthetics, wigs, and elaborate sets. (Side note: Her 1981 self-portrait just sold at Christie’s for the highest price ever paid for a photograph at $3.89 million.)

Sherman's ability to morph herself into fantastical characters is exactly what caught the avant-garde beauty brand’s eye. The Cindy Sherman for MAC collection features three “faces” that use three different color stories: There's the bronzed blonde with frosted purple lips and bold brows, a colorful, clown-esque look topped off with cotton candy hair, and a milky complexioned brunette with rosy cheeks and glossy lips.

In true Sherman style, she models each of the daringly dramatic looks for the recently released ad images. The brand states that the campaign “with the genius that is Cindy Sherman” has been a long time coming, and encourages customers to get creative and express themselves with the new collection.


Photos courtesy of MAC

About face: Cindy Sherman in two of her makeup-heavy MAC self-portraits

And with the wide range of lipsticks, pigments, liners, glosses, shadows, brushes, you'll have plenty of possibilities. We instantly noticed the pigments, which pack a punch in hues like neon salmon, sparkly metallic blue, frosted green-gold, and intense neon blue-pink.

But it doesn't all have to be as Vegas as it sounds. The wide range also features products for the more discerning beauty consumer—like a soft candlelight beige skin finish, a pale peach lip glass, and a shimmering violet shadow.

Though, without adding some sort of spice to your visage, we're not sure Sherman would approve.

The limited-edition collection will be available in stores from September 29th through October 27th.