Yves Rocher’s Moment de Bonheur Fragrance

Yves Rocher’s Moment de Bonheur Fragrance
Photo courtesy of Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher’s Moment de Bonheur fragrance

Yves Rocher's new fragrance in conjunction with Firmenich is infused with the extraordinarily rare Centifolia Rose. It seems a rose is a rose is a rose—but not when it comes to this scent. This is no ordinary rose.

Grown in the Provence region of France, the Centifolia is one of the most coveted roses in the word. They’re picked at dawn every morning, only during the month of May, and are then pressed to obtain the pure extract used in the scent.

Amazingly, there are only a few Centifolia fields left to even pick from in the world, making its soft and feminine scent a truly unique find.

A complex green floral, Moment de Bonheur also infuses honeysuckle, vanilla, peach, patchouli, and peppery sugared almonds—a bold yet sweet and sparkling mix. The idea was to capture a feeling of lightness and happiness with colorful fragrance notes, lead perfumer Annick Mendardo tells

"It's a fresh and botanical ascension with a vibrant floral heart," he says. "Leaves, stems, and the dazzling [top] notes burst forth with enthusiasm and spontaneity."

Moment de Bonheur launches in October on, and will be available in an Eau de Parfum, Perfumed Body Lotion, and Perfumed Bath & Shower Gel.

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