Why Choose Sheet Masks?

If you are not living under the rock, you must be aware of the sensation that sheet masks are. It is basically a thin layer, which is soaked in a hydrogel or serum. Innisfree is one of the most popular brands that offer a wide range of sheet masks; you can learn about Innisfree at their official website. But for now, let’s delve into the use and benefits of sheet masks.

What is Sheet Mask?

In simple terms, a sheet mask is a type of sheet, which is made of cotton, fibre, cellulose or coconut pulp. It is soaked in serum or gel and put on the face right out of the package. The primary ingredient in a face mask is water.

Benefits of Using Sheet Masks?

Following are some important benefits associated with using sheet masks - 

1. Intense Hydration

Sheet mask provides your skin with deep hydration and work to firm, plump and rejuvenate your face. If you have dry patches or your face feels less supple, then you should consider using a sheet mask. Moreover, if you travel a lot or spent significant time in the sun, then treating your skin with a sheet mask can restore the lost moisture of your skin.

2. Detoxify

When you step of your house, your skin gets exposed to dirt, pollution, allergens and many other harmful elements of the external environment. A detoxifying sheet mask works to clear the toxins out of your skin and treat it is nourishing and soothing ingredients. For this purpose, you should lookout for a mask that has charcoal that will help in taking on the dirt. And algae in the mask will soothe and rehydrate the face and restore its original glow.

3. Brighten 

With age, our skin tends to look dull in the appearance. A brightening sheet mask helps in balancing the skin tone, brighten the tired skin, and lighten the dull spots. You can use this sheet mask once a week in order to get even-toned and lustrous skin. 

4. Anti-Wrinkle or Anti-Aging

Fine lines, smile lines, crows feet, etc. are all wrinkles that you do not want. People who have pale skin are likely to show more signs of ageing. Therefore, they have to take special care of their skin by following a strict skincare routine, having a balanced diet, and protecting the skin from sun exposure. You can use a sheet mask with anti-ageing ingredients such as green tea or caffeine. These ingredients work to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines temporarily. They are excellent to use prior to a big event where you want to look younger and lustrous.

5. Acne Treatment

Acne-prone skin is quite sensitive and needs special care. Using sheet masks with salicylic acid can help you to treat existing acne. The aloe vera or algae in the serum can soothe the inflammation or irritation that come with acne-prone skin.

A sheet mask encompasses tons of skin benefits. In order for you to get the best results, make sure you choose the sheet mask that works for your skin type.