Vitamins Hair Cosmetics: Global Hair-Type Hunters Since 1943!

When it comes to hair-care products most of us eventually attempt to simply make peace with the fact that some people just have naturally perfect hair - and others simply don't. Often the product you put all your hopes in because it worked for your best friend ends up leaving your hair greasy and weighing it down. You want to try something else but then feel frustrated and confused because there are way too many options out there.

How about a simple solution? Vitamins Cosmetics' specialty is their expert knowledge with all hair types. Regardless of your gender or specific hair-type - short, long, thin, thick, coarse, frizzy, curly, colored, or anything in between - Vitamins Hair Cosmetics know exactly how to satisfy your hair-needs!

So, who are Vitamins Hair Cosmetics & why don't we know them yet?

Once upon a time there was a carpenter's son who opened his first own hair salon at the age of 17 and dreamed of having his own business.

The young man was a visionary and single-handedly raised a small family manufacturing business in the 1940's. As an innovator in hair-care expertise, the carpenters son soon opened a barber-school and became a lecturer and an examiner for the health department.

Over the years he managed to turn the little family business into a solid company (Vitamins Hair Cosmetics) selling in over 15 countries!

He travelled the world to study various natural ingredients and persistently engaged in perfecting his unique formula to his custom hair-care solutions. On a trip in the 1970's the barber came across the wonders of the Argan Oil in Morocco.

After years of targeting the salon-based industry and exclusively selling as a private label, Vitamins Hair Cosmetics have finally made their expert hair-care solutions available to the public and are proud to provide high-end affordable products. What’s fantastic about all their products is that “a little goes a long way” and that a rather small amount of product will really do the trick.

Vitamins Hair Cosmetics are the solution to finally reach your hair-goals! They genuinely care about your hair needs with decades of expertise and the best customer service you can possibly wish for. You can comfortably order these products on Amazon or contact Vitamin Hair Cosmetics for a personal recommendation.

What do they do & how does it work?

Vitamins Hair Cosmetics' unique Argan line includes custom products for all hair-types – thin fine, normal, thick and extra thick coarse hair. All products are manufactured cruelty-free and contain a natural herbal complex for the perfect look & finish.

The Argan Strengthening line is based on a combination of 8 unique ingredients that are designed to envelope the hair follicle - maintaining the moisture levels and promoting vital & natural hair growth.

Vitamins Hair Cosmetics’ continuous motivation to contribute effective and high-end hair-care products to the world is an effort to honor and continue the legacy of the carpenter’s son.

As part of their extensive laboratory testing, Vitamins Cosmetics have created the new Keratin Line. This line is enriched with a unique complex containing Hydrolyzed Keratin Extract, Moroccan Argan Oil, Wheat Germ (Triticum Vulgare) Oil and Vitamin E, all working together to obtain optimal results with custom variations matching a variety of hair types. Using this unique formula, Vitamins Hair Cosmetics were able to create a product line to help restore and revitalize dry damaged and dull hair.

Vitamins Cosmetics’ products are considered unique since, as opposed to other manufacturers, they manage to provide specific products for each hair type (thin fine/thick/extra thick coarse hair).  For example, most hair-conditioning products work great on normal to thick hair but leave fine hair heavy and greasy.

Vitamins Cosmetics can satisfy all hair-care needs with custom products using premium ingredients exclusively from manufacturers in Italy, Germany and the United States to provide effective solutions with specific variations to match all hair types.