Parissa Natural Wax to the Rescue!

                                                                                                                                                        Photo: Parissa Natural Wax

As a twenty-year pro at having my eyebrows waxed, threaded and tweezed I have to admit that
other than the plucking of the occasional stray hair it was not something I had ever attempted on
myself. I had been beginning to wonder if maybe I should start doing it for myself – after all $20
for a visit every month or so was starting to add up. Plus, as a busy Mom I sometimes go weeeeeks longer than I should sporting embarrassing scraggly caterpillar brows.

Then Parissa Natural Wax came onto my radar – they claim “quick and easy waxing” and a “precision waxing pen” – which totally piqued my interest. Not to mention Parissa is an all natural, sustainable, cruelty free, leaping bunny certified company started by a woman – this sounds great, sign me up!
I figured I could just go slow and test it out.

The Parissa Precision Waxing Pen came with a tube of wax which had a soft precision applicator,
20 mini strips and a small tube of the Azulene after-care oil. The first thing I turned my attention to
was the instructions – well laid out steps which boosted my confidence to an “I can TOTALLY do
this!” level.

                                                                                                                                                        Photo: Parissa Natural Wax

So, I won’t spend time going through the “how-to” of waxing because their instruction guide to
perfect brow waxing covers that – but here are a few tips I picked up while using this product that
may make it even easier for you.

Tips to pass on:

1. Don't wing it! Especially when doing your eyebrows for the first time you will want to take a good
look at your brow shape beforehand and map out which hairs you are looking to remove. Use an eyebrow or eyeliner pencil in a super dark or super light color to mark the lines and make it even

2. Keep the wax pen in a cup/mug of hot water the entire time you are using it. The instructions say
to warm it for one minute - but I found if that if I simply placed the wax tube back in the hot water
between uses I got perfect wax EVERY time as it stayed soft and extremely workable.

3. Trust that enough wax is is on your skin. The very first time applying the wax I squeezed out a
little too much onto my brow - OK maybe A LOT too much - so there was a big blob of goo. I wiped
most of it off and started again and the instructions are correct - a paper thin layer will do nicely. Its mess free, doesn't hurt as much, and uses less product - win, win - win!

4. Hold your skin taught! Ok so it does say this in the instructions - but if you start getting a little
too brave like I did you may also start to get lazy and skip this step. The one time I did was the one
time it was even remotely painful and I found a big difference in how much hair came out.

5. Don't skip the after-care oil. The Parissa Azulene oil instantly makes your skin immediately feel
better if it is freeliing a wee bit tender, and it makes any wax residue simply vanish.

                                                                                                                                                        Photo: Parissa Natural Wax

The Precision Waxing Pen works on all facial hair and retails for $12. For long lasting, hair-free skin, visit Parissa Natural Wax to view their entire array of salon quality products!

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