Olivia Munn Shares Her Beauty Secrets Via Instagram!

A photo posted by Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) on

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Women all over the world bowed down to Olivia Munn last week when she posted her top 4 skin tips on Instagram.  The best part is her secrets are actually available to ANY woman, not just wealthy celebrities!

Munn credits losing and maintaining weight, reshaping her brows, using an inexpensive easy to find product to brighten her skin and get rid of sunspots, and an extra special food – Japanese Potatoes - to being the four secrets to her beautiful, glowing look.

Munn shared a picture of herself last year, comparing it to how she looks now – and although we think she looks absolutely stunning in both pictures, we can sure see the difference these few easy changes can make!

Check out the full Instagram post here!

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