Loomstate Designing Chipotle Uniforms

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Photo: Getty Images

Loomstate is designing uniforms for Chipotle.

Mexican food chain Chipotle just got a little more green—and we’re not talking about shredded lettuce. Eco-friendly fashion label Loomstate has signed a deal to design uniforms for the beloved burrito emporium.

“When I heard Chipotle wanted to talk to us, I was like, ‘What? Why?’” Loomstate co-founder Rogan Gregory told The Cut. While the collaboration may have initially sounded unusual, it certainly makes sense given that both Loomstate and Chipotle make it their mission to use organic and sustainable ingredients.

The resulting uniforms, which are plain in the front with graphics on the back, are meant to show the “interconnectedness between food and fashion,” says Gregory. He describes the graphics as “passionate rambling,” explaining that they use “language and words that get people thinking, without screaming at them, about what Chipotle is all about and the ingredients they use.”

Loomstate’s designs can currently be seen on employees at the Chipotle shop on 18th St. and Eighth Ave. in New York City, with the remaining chains getting uniforms over a period of months.

No doubt they’ll be all that and a bag of chips!