Kelly Cutrone’s Former Assistant Reportedly Arrested for Grand Larceny

Kelly Cutrone
Photo: Patrick McMullan
Kelly Cutrone

Anyone with a passing familiarity with reality television should know at this point that it’s not a smart move to cross Kelly Cutrone. Unfortunately, it looks like one of her assistants missed the memo.

The famously tough publicist behind PR firm People’s Revolution tweeted Wednesday that “One of my old assistants is getting arrested this week for grand larceny—stealing money from People's [Revolution]—cannot wait— revenge is sweet.” A later tweet calls out Twitter user @HussyChildPlz, saying, “you better run cause you are going down CLOWN.”

Though @HussyChildPlz’s twitter is now private, Fashionista has identified the alleged perp as Brunson Stafford, a former People’s Revolution staffer.

“I wonder if my former assistant will be wearing stolen clothes from our showroom when HE gets arrested,” Cutrone went on, later adding, “It all comes out in the wash and I am in the mood to do some washing.”

Not one to keep the dish under wraps, Cutrone added yesterday, “Now you want your parents to pay back the money you stole and have me sign a [document] saying I won't press charges! NEVER.”

Looks like Stafford’s in for quite the fight….