Film Meets Fashion: 17 Directors Who’ve Shot Fashion Commercials

7. David Lynch

Along with helming the Lady Dior campaign with Marion Cotillard, the Twin Peaks mastermind has directed fragrance commercials for the likes of Gucci by Gucci, Armani Gio, Obsession by Calvin Klein, YSL Opium, and Karl Lagerfeld's Sun Moon Stars. Sadly, the Log Lady failed to make a cameo in any of them.

8. Michel Gondry

There's no forgetting the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind director's 1995 "Drugstore" ad for Levi's 501, which helpfully reminded audiences that the jean's watch pocket is the perfect place for hiding a condom.

9. Michael Bay

No stranger to hot action and gratuitous shots of cleavage, Bay has brought his explosive filmmaking style to Victoria's Secret, and dare we say it's a match made in heaven? Not only has the collaboration given us Angels storming the streets of Prague, but it also resulted in Bay's casting of Rosie Huntington-Whitely for Transformers 3.

10. Ridley Scott

Geeks still gush about Scott's epic "1984" commercial for Apple Computers, but fashion fans may prefer the Blade Runner director's sleek and stylish Chanel No. 5 spots from the late '70s and early '80s starring Bond girl Carole Bouquet.

11. Guy Ritchie

After teaming up for Sherlock Holmes, Ritchie tapped into Jude Law's heartthrob core with this sexy spot for Dior Homme. Consider this required viewing for anyone who enjoys Paris, spy games, and debates about whether Law looks best shirtless, or in a tux.

12. Spike Lee

In the early '90s Lee risked life and limb for Levi's 501 "Button Fly Report," which sent him to run with the bulls (wearing a red shirt, no less) in Pamplona, Spain. The Malcolm X director managed to survive and go on to work with brands like Nike and Converse.