Your Chanel Couture Invite, Right This Way!

Photo c/o Chanel


Convinced your Chanel Couture show invite got lost in the mail? We've got your invitation right here! Just kidding, that was mean of us.

We do however have an image of the invitation which was hand drawn by the Kaiser himself! The sketch is a portrait of Coco Chanel with the words "New Vintage" written just at the base of her neck.

Whether this means the couture show on July 3rd will be an homage to Coco is unclear, but we like where the collection is going if at all based off the invitation. 

Plus, after seeing Karl's Spring Couture show set on an airplane earlier this year, it's pretty clear the designer can do no wrong. The real question here is, will his furry feline friend Choupette, be making a catwalk appearance? We can only hope. 

Also, if anyone actually has an extra ticket we'd be more than happy to take that off your hands.