Elizabeth Banks and Chris Pine Talk 'People Like Us'

Photo: Patrick McMullan
Elizabeth Banks and Chris Pine.

Elizabeth Banks was a vision of sparkles in a gold sequin-embellished Elie Saab dress at a screening of her new film, People Like Us, hosted by The Cinema Society and Linda Wells & Allure in New York City.

Looking the part of a human trophy—and the exact opposite of her headstrong struggling single mom character, Frankie—Banks talked to FashionEtc about dressing appropriately for the red carpet. "You can't wear a deep v-neck and also a high slit. You want to have balance. Like this Elie Saab dress has a low back and a high neck. It's all about the yin and yang of the outfit."

On her character's wardrobe: "It's very indicative of the character. She wears a lot of body armor, lots of leather and boots. Frankie is all about putting on a very tough persona."

Writer and director Alex Kurtzman, talked to FashionEtc about the inspiration behind the heart-warming storyline, "I met my sister for the first time when I turned 30, so that's where the story came from, and it took 8 years to write the script. It was a long journey, and separating truth from fiction and figuring out what of my life to use and what to invent took a while. By the time we were filming I think the fun of it was letting the actors find their way through the script and feel the parts, and I think they [Banks and Pine] both did instantly."

"Everyday was an aha moment because the cast brought so much of themselves to the parts. I was watching the monitor everyday saying 'I can't believe how dialed in everybody is.' It took a lot of rehearsal to get there and it was a lot of fun," said Kurtzman.

The adorable Chris Pines' most memorable part of the filming: "Michelle Pfeiffer slapped me in the face,.. that was one for the record books."

Just Like Us premieres June 29th, so mark your calendars and bring a box of tissues.

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