Chanel's Little Black Jacket Exhibit Opens With a Star-Studded Bash

Karl Lagerfeld Little Black Jacket Exhibit

Photos: Getty Images

Carine Roitfeld and Karl Lagerfeld.

When Karl Lagerfeld said, "Jump," Theophilus London said, "How high?"

At least, that's how the rapper recalled his shoot with Lagerfeld at last night's Chanel extravaganza to celebrate the New York opening of Chanel's Little Black Jacket exhibit. "I never knew I was going to meet him, so I wasn't prepared to try to meet him and be all dressed up, I just came in my gear, and all of a sudden Karl walks in, he shakes my hand, and he's like, 'Yo, I want you to wear this Chanel hat, 'cause I know you like hats. I was honored, and he allowed me to become myself on his shoot. I put on one of these original Detroit funky songs called 'Freaky MF'—that stands for Freaky M---F----er," he added helpfully, "and it's a very Detroit bassline. All of the Chanel staff were getting a little scared, but Karl was into it.

"He was shooting me on his iPad video while I'm dancing in front of him, and I did a jump move and he got it."

(And good news, rap-loving loafer enthusiasts, you can get your hands on the rose-bedecked pair London was sporting last night. "I designed them. They're new shoes I got coming out August 1st," from his new collaboration Del Toro x Theophilus London.)

Karl Lagerfeld Little Black Jacket Exhibit

Photos: Billy Farrell Agency

Lindsey Wixson and Theophilus London.

The exhibit was a black-and-white Who's Who of the fashion world, with many of the photographs' 113 subjects—including Anna Wintour, Alexander Wang and Olivier Theyksens—also there in three dimensions and full color. The youngest subject, 3-year-old Hudson Kroenig, spent most of the evening running from one end of the gallery to the other while his dad, model and Karl muse Brad, tried to keep up.

Carine Roitfeld, who styled all the images, was there to celebrate alongside Alber Elbaz, Lily Collins, Mad Men's Jessica Paré and a full roster of models, from Linda Evangelista to Lindsey Wixson to Karolina Kurkova. Wixson told us her favorite thing about Lagerfeld is his bookworm habit. "You go to the studio in Paris and it's full of books. He's a very intellectual person and I admire him for that." Jen Brill, who was on interview duty herself and toting a Chanel-branded microphone, concurred. "One of the things that I admire most about him is his book collection. He has this insane asylum rare photography book collection that I dream of. Have you ever seen pictures of his library? It's so bonkers."

While we didn't get our hands on a copy of the stunning Little Black Jacket book, we were treated to a trio of posters of the Kaiser's work. Looks like someone's rental apartment just got an infusion of Karl.