Salma Hayek Gets Catty at ‘Puss in Boots’ Screening

salma_hayek puss in boots screening
Photo: WireImage
Salma Hayek at the Puss in Boots screening.

“When you do animation, you don’t have to worry about hair and makeup and what you’re wearing—and this is great!” laughed Salma Hayek at a screening of her latest movie, Puss in Boots, at Hearst Tower on October 24.

The bombshell actress (and beauty mogul!) might have relished her chance to dress down while voicing the role of Kitty Softpaws, both rival and love interest to Antonio Banderas’s boot-wearing feline, but she made it clear that dressing up is something she truly enjoys.

Sporting a leopard print Alexander McQueen dress—“it’s a bit catlike, as you can see!”—Hayek dished on her first animated role.

“What’s great about his movie is that as a working mom you get to take your children out when it’s also your time off,” she said at the Redbook-sponsored screening. “I really appreciate movies like this that also think of the adults! This one has a little bit for everyone.”

Her toughest critic—4-year-old Valentina, her daughter with PPR CEO François-Henri Pinault—gave her performance two thumbs up, incidentally. “She loves it!”